Saturday, October 11, 2008

kinda scared

First of all, I'm an idiot. My sole reason for not going somewhere today was that I have to pick up my race materials. I slept in, drove to Taichung to go to the library, met a friend for a late lunch, she asked if I wanted to see a movie... it sounded good but I kind of wanted to drive the race course (they mailed a list of the turns so assuming I can follow the signs...). Then it hit me- I have to go register! Luckily it was just after 4 and the registration closed at 6 so I had plenty of time to make it back to Fong Yuan and get my stuff.

I did drive the course. It's like this: 1 km of flat and moderate uphill. 2 km of really steep uphill on concrete, followed by another 2 km of gradual uphill that does turn into asphalt. Then 4 km downhill (there are switchbacks so it's not as steep) and the last km is very gradual downhill.

The upshot is, there are beautiful views of Fong Yuan. The downside is I don't see myself hitting anywhere near my time. The upside is I'm not running a half marathon!

Also the shirt they give you turns out to be a pretty cute racing singlet. Luckily I ordered an XL. I thought it would be unisex but it's womens sizing but I do fit into it and it matches one of my pairs of running shorts! I know you shouldn't wear a new shirt on race day but chafing is going to be the least of my concerns. Stupid concrete.

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