Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's all good

A little clarification: after yesterday's post, you might think I was really frustrated or sad. Nope. It was just funny stuff that happened. All it really did was make me want to bike more, and wish I lived in a world where I could ride my nice bike everywhere and not get it stolen.

Also it turned out that thing on my scooter wasn't a parking ticket, it was a notice that my emissions test had expired. Weird 'cause I had it done in April. Anyways I went back to the place I got it done before and they said they'd never done it- I think I may have again been a victim of someone who was more interested in practicing English than doing the job- but they did it again and gave me the sticker for no charge.

It turned out the $2000 is the fine if you don't get the right sticker in 10 days. Somehow I got the impression from my translators that I had to show the "ticket" and proof I had my sticker to the police so I went to the police station, but they were like, we didn't give you this, go away. So that saga will continue...

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