Thursday, October 23, 2008

foldable bikes and shipping

Since random people who read my blog sometimes know answers to stuff that perplexes me, I will put these questions out there:

Question 1:

Anyone have a foldable bike?  p>My big questions is, are they as comfortable and fast as a real bike (ie, your basic commuting or hybrid bike)?  How do they handle hills?  Do you ever find yourself cursing the fact that you're not on a full-size "normal" bike?

Tons of people have them here but no one has responded to my request to pull over or my shouted question, "How's your bike?"  Darndest thing. 

I could get a Giant one here for way less than at home so now's the time.


Number 2:  Has anyone shipped their luggage from Taiwan to the US/ Canada, or back again?  I'd be looking to at least send some books and clothes I don't need quickly but DHL, FedEx and UPS all seem more expensive than the airlines.  Are there secret rates I don't know, or other companies I should look into?

Number 3:  Has anyone shipped a bike from Taiwan overseas?  What was that like?

Awaiting your comments,

Taiwan Teacher 

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