Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing games

As I've mentioned we play lots of games in our classes, especially for lower levels. I am all for simple games. Sometimes I do games of strategy but my big stand-bys are:

6= death. This is a dice game I knew as "greedy". Basically you can roll a dice and accumulate points for as long as you want, but if you roll a 6 they all get erased. You can stop at any point and the points you've accumulated thus far are saved (like you roll a 6 on your team's next turn, the new points get erased but the old ones are safe).
Usually I play it with two teams- a student has to answer a question or make a sentence and then rolls the dice. The whole team decides if they stop or go.
Most classes love this.

"21"- aka blackjack- they answer a question and we play blackjack. Usually under 21 is one star, 21 is 5, and over 21 is 0.

6 = -6. Yeah, Roll a dice and if you get, say, a 4, I give you 4 stars. If you get a 6 I erase 6 stars.

"red or black"- I use this one when I need to ask every student a question, hopefully more than once. students stand up and if they answer the question right, they guess if the next card in my deck- red or black. If they're right they can sit down. It's good because if a dumb kid answers the question wrong they have to keep standing but all the smart kids aren't necessarily sitting.

6 is death and blackjack are the most fun, for me at least! A couple of my classes hate "red or black" because they say it's too hard! I'm like, it's blind chance! But they are convinced they just haven't figured out the strategy yet.

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