Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Only in Taiwan

OK, Taiwan and probably most of Asia...

On my way home tonight, I drove behind a guy who had 5 propane tanks strapped to his motorcycle. That's not unusual- how else will they deliver propane? As I started to pass him, I saw he was drinking a bottle of energy drink. That's not easy on a motorcycle, as you kind of need both hands to steer and balance and, um, brake. Even I, who once bragged of my ability to eat soup while driving a stick shift, keep both hand on my scooter at all times.

We pulled up to a stoplight and he took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He returned his cigarretes to his pocket and I noticed another box in his front shirt pocket. Don't tell me... I thought- sure enough, he pulled out a couple of betel nuts and started chewing.

He did look a little flummoxed when the light turned green- one hand for the cigarette, one hand for the energy drink- hmm, how to drive? I figured I was better off in front of him than beside him, so I took off.

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