Friday, August 08, 2008

Ah, sittin'

(This is the continuation of my post-triathlon Sun Mook Lake Trip)

sun moon lake 027 Sunday (after the girls got up) was pretty nice.  We did some strolling and some sitting.  I pretended that I was having trouble walking up and down the stairs that took us to the water's edge because I'd just done a triathlon, but really I can never walk up and down stairs. 

Looking across the lake:sun moon lake 016

The pier area near our hotel:

sun moon lake 018

I finally found shoes that are big enough for me!

sun moon lake 020

I'd checked the weather forecast and it had been calling for rain, but it was beautiful for the morning and early afternoon.  Actually very hot- I had really wanted to canoe out into the lake but, you know, heat stroke.  So strolling it was.  We went to a cute restaurant for lunch and while we were there it started pouring.  We waited it out, walked around a little more and bought cheap raincoats for the scooter ride back to the other side of the lake.

Overall the weekend was awesome- as I mentioned before, so relaxing.  I will make another post about the journey home.  It was not relaxing.

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