Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More swollen feet

The temperature is (I think) back up in the mid-90s.  That seems to be the cut-off between hot but no big deal and oh no, my feet are swollen.  Also, my calves swell- they feel like I ran a lot and didn't stretch.
I did read up on this condition and it turns out it's from too much salt in the body- I'd been dutifully adding some Pocari Sweat to my water because I didn't want to get water intoxication, but apparently I don't need to do that. 
So, instead I've been forcing down massive quantities of water- in the US I probably drank close to a gallon a day, here it's more than that but I've been upping it, literally force down like a liter an hour. 
After a day the swelling in my legs and feet went back to normal but I am now crazily bloated in my mid-section- it seems that I can wear a size 10 shoe, or a size 10 skirt, but not both when it's really hot.

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