Sunday, June 08, 2008

By the way...

Now you see ads on my blog. It's my scheme to get rich- ha! If you click on them I get like 10 cents. The point is not that you should click on them to make me rich but that if you're interested in them, they are safe ads to click on (in that they won't give your computer a virus- I don't know if the products themselves are legit!)
I think I am the biggest clicker of my own ads- the one Chinese book they kept advertising looks awesome, all these practical conversations. It's a little more beginner than I am but when I saw that it teaches you how to order food at the breakfast shop, I was like, I'm buying that! I do OK at the breakfast shop, but one frustrating thing is that mayonnaise is usually called "salat" (like salad in German!) but so is salad, and so apparently are the lettuce and tomato they put on your chicken sandwich. (I can only get a decent chicken sandwich in Taiwan at breakfast time- why?) At most breakfast places it goes fine but at the one near my house I have to be like "No egg, no white salat (mime spreading mayo), I want the green and red salat" (because why would I learn the name for tomatoes and lettuce?)

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