Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chinese dream!

I have had 2 nights in a row of decent sleep. Score!

I woke up from a weird dream, though, very early this morning. This was before the big China earthquake- in my dream there was some big disaster in Taiwan (kind of like the Burma cyclone- there will be a new president inaugurated here later this month and in the dreams both parties said it wasn't their job to clean things up) and everyone had to evacuate the island. People in the north go to Japan, people in the south go to the Philippines. I wanted to go to the Philippines because of the English and low cost-of-living, but when I told the security guard in my building, he said "You can't just go where you want." But in Chinese! It's my first Chinese dream!

So I head for my scooter but I don't know if I should head north or south because Taichung is in the middle of the island. So I ask some random people if Taichung is north or south and they all say, "it's the middle section." (still Chinese, yo.) Like they don't have to flee too. Finally I decide to just drive to Taichung harbor and get on whatever boat's leaving, but when I get to the harbor (which I've never actually seen) a big boat is just leaving. It becomes clear that the only possibility now is to swim to China. And I know that I can just swim to this island called Kinmen and rest, then swim the rest of the way to China. But then I keep taking a big breath and getting ready to dive in but then I keep wussing out (just like at the pool!) Then I wake up.

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