Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I think this traithlon thing has broken my Sudoku addiction and maybe therefore made me able to sleep at night.

The Sudoku thing has happened a few times in my life. There is a website called websudoku, and on it I only do the "evil" puzzles. Back when I had a computer with a calculator keypad, I could finish them faster, but I still manage on my laptop. The thing that makes them so addictive is, of course, the rush of solving something, but also if you don't make any mistakes you can see how you rank compared to millions of other websudoku-doers, and then the computer tracks your time, so you are always trying to make a record time, and get your average time under 10 minutes- then under 9.5 minutes- then you stop doing anything that's taking you longer than 9 minutes, so it won't bring down your average, but then maybe it takes you half an hour to totally solve one puzzle... stupid but addicting. And I think maybe I would trick myself into not sleeping so I could do some more sudokus.

I started getting worse and worse at them- because I was so tired?- but then I got addicted to reading triathlon blogs and esp. finding out more about swimming. Now I'm like, spend an hour doing sudoku? That's crazy! Luckily tips on how to breathe when you swim aren't quite so addictive. If only I had a cookie in the pool that tracked how well I was breathing...

The funny thing is now I wake up around 6-6:30 every day. Sometimes I go back to sleep but I have recently realized that I should exercise because it's already plenty light out and it's only getting hotter during the day. I think my subconscious likes biking so much that it thinks if it wakes me up early, we can go on a fun long bike ride. So far it has been right. We will see what happens when it realizes it might be in for a jog or- gasp- a swim!

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