Friday, March 21, 2008

sick, sick, sick

I hadn't gotten sick since I've been back in Taiwan- which I attributed to taking my Centrum Kids' Chewable vitamins, washing my hands after each class I teach, and putting on hand cream often so my hands don't develop the little cuts that allow infections to enter your body. I'm so smart!


I got sick. It started out on Wed, with a "stomach problem" that required me to run to the bathroom a lot. I set up the kids in my class to do their workbooks if I suddenly left the classroom, which I did a couple of times. I'd forgotten how the Taiwanese like to discuss stomach issues- "Do you have diarhhea?" one of the teachers asked. Um, yes. "What color is it?" another asked. Uh... I better get back to class.

Thurs I was achey and sore-throaty and today (Fri) it has turned into a full-blown awful cold. I have a cough where I, um, expel lots of stuff so I've taken to the Chinese method of wearing a surgical mask to try not to infect other people. Usually I don't think this is effective but this cough...

I only had 1 class today and one tomorrow so I think I can survive it.

The big discussion at work is, "Did the diarrhea cause your cold?" I really don't know. They've been trying to get me to go to the doctor but I'm using my new standby- since my body is different from your body, it's better that I take my American medicine. They all buy it and I don't have to have metal sticks stuck down my throat and take 7 unlabeled pills. We all win!

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