Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life is Lookin' Up

I had my last training for Hess today- my 9-month training, can you believe it? So the trainers are talking about why we might want to stay in Taiwan, and one of them says, "You know they have salt and vinegar potato chips at 7-11 now, if you miss those," and I was like, "Are you serious?" Because I actually had a dream where they had salt and vinegar potato chips at 7-11 and I bought every bag in the store because I didn't know how long they'd be there. I even shared my dream for the edification of my entire training group. He was nice enough to describe in detail the bag (which does not have English on it) and where on the chip shelf they're generally located. So I went and sure enough, there they are. They do say "Lay's" but no other English, but I recognized them by the cartoon of the gay man and his ugly dog pursing their lips as though eating something very sour. But are they really salt and vinegar chips, or some sort of sour seaweed-flavored monstrosity?

I opened the bag, and yes, they are salt and vinegar! I asked one of the CTs what the bag said in Chinese and she was like, "It means, you are the most skillful eater of the best foods," also not a clue of what's in the bag.

So tonight I am having a beer and my chips. Life is good.

Also my heat rash is mostly healed- we had a typhoon earlier this week and I think what made it so bad was that I had my raincoat on for so long because it was so windy and I kept almost being blown over or being blown into the other lane of traffic so I had to drive really slowly. But I stopped wearing that raincoat and now the typhoon is over.

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