Monday, September 03, 2007

Fruit Stand

This blogging thing is kind of weird- like I still haven't posted pictures and stories about stuff I did during Chinese New Years (in February). And I feel like I should write more about teaching- I am always thinking about stuff I can write but then I never do. It's the same with emails- I'm always thinking about writing to people but then I never do. And then I write about some random and unimportant thing.

Anyways, my experience tonight- the other day I went to this fruit stand, and I bought this thing that looked on the outside like a huge avocado, but could it be? Yes, it was! It was an annoying place because they were playing really loud Chinese techno music and there were all these people telling me stuff but I went again tonight because, you know, avocados. So tonight there's this guy with horribly stained betel-nut teeth who could speak English and was clearly very proud of it, and he was like "Welcome! May I help you?" So I picked up a couple of avocados and then saw they had nice-looking papayas so I picked up one of those. Now I can't really convey the horror of betel-nut-stained teeth. Just like their whole mouth is maroon and blotchy. They say the buzz of betel nut is like smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee- so why don't people just do that? At least your teeth will only turn yellow. Then Betel Nut man says, "Is that to eat today?" about the papaya, and I said yes before I realized that he meant to find me a riper one. He proceeded to examine the payapas while picking his nose... so I said, actually, I'll eat it on Thursday. Yeah, Thursday.

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