Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm feeling a lot better today. Just a little tired and a little sore throat but I guess the medicine is helping. It's funny- I was talking to a Filipino brother who's also been sick today and I said I got my big bundle of pills and he said, "Yeah, I think the medicine in the Philippines must be more effective, because I would only need one or two pills, but here it's always 5 or 6."

Chinese is coming along pretty well. I'm amazed at how many characters I can read- I look at a page in my book and I'm just like, wow, how do I know all of these? It's like in a part of my brain I don't understand. It's kind of hard to take them out of context- the context of my book, that is- but sometimes I'll see whole sentences and I'll be like, wow, I can read that! It's still discouraging sometimes- I feel like I could study for years and still not be able to read a menu.

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