Friday, May 25, 2007

So... hot....

Ugh. I think it is only about 90 degrees, or 92, but still, that is hot. The humidity is crazy. People say, "Oh, I guess it didn't get so hot back home," and I say, "Yes, it got this hot there, and I complained a lot then too."

A few things that make it worse here: the sun is stronger since I'm so close to the tropic. Also, you're just outside more- no driving your car between air conditionings. I absolutely only buy things where they have AC now. One great thing is that a lot of shops blast the AC and leave their doors open, so when I'm driving my scooter I sometimes feel a refreshing burst of cool.

The worst was teaching in the Jr. High School on Thursday- there is no AC in the public schools here. So it was hot when I got to the room, and then 32 hot little bodies came in.... ugh. I had an icy drink that was lukewarm by the end. I get so grumpy when I'm hot- I was OK the first hour, but by the end it was just ridiculous. Happily Hess has AC but in some of the rooms it just keeps it at a barely-tolerable level, even when it's going full blast.

I am starting to adjust, though. I have definitely learned that I have to find a cool spot at least once an hour, and I need to have cold water all the time. That helps me not be so grumpy. And even though I have 3 months of crazy heat to look forward to, I know that occasionally there is a not-so-hot day. And there is a holiday coming up in June and I will definitely go to the mountains for that- in some of the mountains the average high is 60-65 in the summer!

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