Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kindy Again

I'm subbing Kindy again this week- it's nice because I get to be in AC all day! Although it's not very cool in here, but when I step outside I know how nice it is inside!
I'm teaching a smaller class- only 11 students. It's a lot easier. Their English is not as good, though. They have only been in kindy for about 4 months. It turns out my Chinese is not as good as a 4-year-old's, because they're always babbling at me and I never know what they're saying. There is a kid who just started coming this week, and he yesterday he cried and cried; today he cried and said "Bu hui!" (kind of- I can't do it!) over and over again. It was sad but what can you do. I let them play extra and speak Chinese when they played because I got him involved in playing a little bit- even cleaning up- but as soon as we sat down to sing a song he was crying and shouting again. I can imagine how frustrating it would be to come into a class where they're speaking a different language and have all these routines you don't understand. Actually I dont' have to imagine, eh?

Things are going well in general. My allergies are acting up lately- my eyes are driving me crazy. So itchy and red. I read that some people get pink eye just from all the pollutants in the air, so I don't know if all the driving on my scooter is making my eyes crazy. Or if maybe my AC in my bedroom is moldy and causing problems- b/c it is worse at night. Or if it's just regular allergies.

One thing that is disgusting but funny- I saw the class I've subbed a lot and they were all like "Teacher Christina!" and showing me stuff (their shoes, etc). One kids picked his nose and showed me the booger and ate it-ugh- and I was like no, you can't do that. Go wash your hands. So this other kid pretends to pick his nose and shows me his finger and says "Yummy in your tummy!" I am always in this position where I should discipline the kid but I'm laughing too hard....

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Lucy said...

Hahahahahah!!!!!!!! That's funny! " Yummy in your tummy!" Hahaha~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh, I don't know whether wearing a sun glasses when you are riding the scooter will help with your pink eye! Have you seen a doctor?