Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

The other day I was hurrying to get to the bus station in Fong Yuan and trying to get into a tight space on the scooter, and I wound up scraping my leg and opening up this almost-healed scab on my knee and it just bled and bled. So I went to 7-11 to buy some band-aids and new pantyhose (since my current ones were all bloody)- I wound up buying these knee-highs that sisters always wear with skirts, just sheer panty-hose-colored knee highs, but when it Taiwan do as the Taiwanese, eh?). I went in the bathroom at the bus station to take off my pantyhose and figured I would go outside to put on the band-aid, since the bathroom is all cramped and filthy.
When I came out, this teenager quickly handed something to me, and sometimes people give out promotional packs of Kleenex for free so I thought it was that, but here it was a pack of kleenex and 2 band-aids! She went away before I could even say thank-you.

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