Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just a quick note- no pictures or vacation stories. It's a busy couple of weeks with Kindy & everything else. The kindy is going fairly well. I'm getting to know the kids better and whatnot. It's just hard to be fun for so many hours a day....

I've been using the scooter of the girl I'm subbing Kindy for. I'm OK at it. I can see why people always wreck them when they first start driving- I keep having to remind myself to go slowly. It's a big one (125 cc) and the hardest thing is parking it- the scooters don't have reverse so you have to kind of lift it around. She is much smaller than me and has no problem so maybe you will get used to it. I will probably buy a smaller one though. I will buy one soon- and, uh, get my license soon. :[

It's pretty much been raining for the past week. It's miserable to drive in, of course, and makes everyone grumpy. It also makes everything damp & moldy. Ugh. All the Chinese people are like, yes, it's the rainy season, I think it will rain all month. But no one mentioned the rainy season was coming, you know? Also the weather forecast always call for like a 20% chance of showers and then it rains all day. So weird.

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