Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goin' to the doctor

Yesterday I went to McDonald's in the morning to get an American breakfast- breakfast is exactly like it is in the US (unlike everything else at McDonald's)- pancakes, hash browns, and black coffee (although I did have to insist a little on the no milk/ no sugar thing). It was good. Wierdly, while I was sitting there (and reading an English language newspaper) a worker came up and asked me to sign this autograph book. So I did... that is the first time I've signed an autograph. But he asked me in English so I didn't mind.

The rest of the day I felt kind of worn out and like I didn't want to go to work, and I figured I had been running too much and was lazy. I could barely walk up the stairs at the train station, which should have been a sign. So I got sick on the train- luckily there are bathrooms on the train! When I got to work I got sick again and realized that I wouldn't be able to teach that night. This is really frustrating because I don't get paid if I don't teach. And I had gone to work!

Everyone was like, "You need to go to the doctor!" and I was like, no, it's just the flu, but they go to the doctor for everything here so eventually I agreed. One of the CTs went with me, even though she said the doctor speaks English. It's pretty different from the US- it's all walk-in and you have to fill out a form in Chinese (lucky for the CT!). I only waited about 10 minutes and the doctor saw me. He asked me how I was in Chinese, and I told him my stomach was bad and my head hurt in Chinese but that was about all I could say so we proceeded in English. He kept asking me if my throat hurt, if my nose was running, etc, and I kept talking about my stomach and general achiness. He swabbed my throat with this metal thing and looked in my nose and mouth, then said he'd give me some medicine. We went next door to the pharmacy where
I got 5 different pills to take for 2 days and that was that.

I slept in today and still feel pretty bad- I've eaten but very little and just feel really tired. I did go into work and teach my class today but I'm beat now. Our apartment has movies on Sat. night so I will probably check that out. Tomorrow is a banquet for work at a really expensive hotel. It is (I'm told) long & boring with really good food... if I can't eat the food that will be a big bummer!

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