Sunday, January 28, 2007

I slept in today and then went to a banquet for work. It was at a nice hotel in Taichung & it was huge- it included all the employees in Taichung and the surrounding areas. They had some elaborate song and dance numbers done by employees, then a long bout of awards, then food with some more performances.

The food was good but as I've said, expensive food doesn't taste much better than cheap food to me. Everything is brought out one course at a time- so you have like chicken with some vegetables, and then a fish when that's gone, and then ribs when that's gone. I did manage to eat a lot- it was nice that everything came out a little at a time, so I could make sure my stomach could handle it. They started you out with a big glass of orange juice and kept refilling it. You could also drink wine but we started eating at like 11:30, plus I had meeting afterwards.

It's gotten pretty cold here- I know, I'm hearing about how it's 5 Fahrenheit in PA so I should not complain- but it was about 60 for a high and 45 for a low today. Or so they say on websites. I never know. The wind was blowing really strong though- I had many many layers on. One silly thing is that I've had to start leaving myself more time to bike between places because if I try to pedal too fast I get all sweaty, and then even more cold. I have to go slow enough that I don't sweat.

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