Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Greetings from Hong Kong!

1. Everyone speaks English.
2. I can understand more Cantonese than Taiwanese.
3. Holy smokes is everything expensive.
3a. Um, Western food everywhere? Like I'd have to go out of my way to get something other than a Cobb salad and crepes?
3b. I cry a little inside when I think about how much I spent on water yesterday.
4. Having fun and have figured out how to spend only moderate amounts of money.
5. Public transportation is convenient and easily understood (unlike in Pittsburgh and Taichung). But mostly expensive (see 2).
6. Except the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor, which is apparently one of the 25 things to do before you die? That is 2 Hong Kong Dollars... which is more than it sounds but still way less than an American dollar.

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Loukaei said...

Hong Kong is a really cool place to visit...but...expensive. Check out the street market on 'Jewelry Row" - I can't remember the name of street. But it is absolutely nuts! I would avoid organized tours. I went on one and it was very diappointing. If you can identify where you want to go, the public transport is excellent so should it should be no problem. I was also told by a resident that taxi's are very reliable and honest since there are major fines for over-charging and the like. Enjoy!