Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Rar. This day drove me crazy.
First off, it's been raining relentlessly for 2.5 days. Started on my bike ride home on Monday and hasn't really stopped. Which has led to 2.5 days of wearing my raincoat to drive my scooter which has led to 2 days of heat rash in... well... whatever you call the armpit of your elbow and knee. The crook? Man do I hate heat rash. That is some misery.
Then, all of the activities I did with my students today seemed to involve them screaming. Not a big deal, they were having fun, but I think my patience- level was up to here by the end of the day. Also I bought these dumb Merrell shoes and my feet are killlling me- don't know if it's because they're a mens size or because my feet aren't made for them? Had some things to do after work, including a haircut (fail).
So I took my ugly hair to Caves bookstore to buy a travel guide to Hong Kong and possibly some other books, because it has the biggest selection of English books around. It's actually quite a nice place and like I said, tons of English books. Except it has 4 floors and every time I go they have moved the English books. The clerk directed me to the fourth floor and in spite of the fact that I can ride my bike 100 miles in a day and just be a little sore afterwards, walking up four flights of stairs is a bit of a stretch for me. Turned out the fourth floor only had English teaching books, but the third floor had regular English books. Picked up the only travel guide they had to Hong Kong (hint to Caves: better to have 5 guides for Hong Kong and 1 for Honduras, rather than the other way around)
Then I went to look at the novels and there were a Taiwanese boy and girl- teenagers- sitting on this little bench, talking rubbish in Chinese. "Hello, I am a foreigner. Are you?" "No, I'm Taiwanese!" "Really! But I am a foreigner." They were sitting right in front of one of the bookshelves, so I told them, "There's another seat over there." "Thank you, we're very comfortable here," they said. Fine.
I moved a little past them and they started up in English:
Boy: "Your English is very poor."
Girl: "No, your English is poor."
Boy: "I know because I am a foreigner... I come from Vancouver, Canada. The weather in my hometown is seldom sunny."
OK, in spite of sore feet, ugly hair, and a dayfull of screaming 4th-graders, I had to laugh at that.
Then I went to a pretty nice vegetarian restaurant nearby, that even has an English menu. Except this tableful of brainless girls kept taking pictures of me with their cameraphones and talking about me. Daft girls.
Then I got some gelato. Very random but there's some delicious gelato to be had in that neighborhood. Salted caramel gelato. Man was that good.

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