Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainy Days & Weekends

It has been awfully rainy here. There are supposed to be "plum rains" that last from April until early summer but we had beautiful weather for most of that time- it really depends on the year. My first year here it poured every day for like 2 months. This year it has been really nice until the last couple of weeks. We've had a couple of days of OK weather but mostly it's drizzly, rainy, and humid.
Thursday we actually had some real thunderstorms. The kids at school were all freaked out, as we seldom get a really good one here.
This afternoon it kind of cleared up- the sun was almost breaking through- so I decided to go for a ride on the bike path. Usually I know better than to ride my bike on the bike path after 6:30 am on a weekend, because it's so crowded, but I guess I thought I was the only person who knew itt was nice outside so it would be fine. Ha! I'm pretty sure the bike path is more dangerous than the roads. Little kids swerving while their parents laugh at the crazy foreigner who goes off the path to avoid running over their progeny, people swerving 3 abreast, teenage boys trying to race me and ridiculing each other for failing, people riding one-handed while smoking... I know this is how it will be but I just have to remind myself every now and then, I guess. Still it was great to be out. I had also forgotten how much the lack of sun affects my mood!

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