Saturday, April 24, 2010


Somehow in my mind, I'd planned to race 300 km on the bike last weekend, do a couple of days of easy swimming and walking to get the blood flowing the the legs recovered, then swing right back into triathlon training.
Then, all week I've been asking myself, "Why am I sleeping so much? Why am I so hungry all the time? Why do my limbs feel like lead despite all the stretching? Why is it so hard to run so slow?"
Finally it started to occur to me- you bike 300 km at a pretty fast pace (for you). No matter how much you eat the right proportion of protein and carbs, and go for easy swims, that's gonna take a while to recover from. I realized that, time and heart-rate-wise, it was comparable to doing a half-marathon one day and a marathon the next, as opposed to a couple of long bike rides. I realize it's nowhere as brutal on the legs and the rest of the body as actually running for 11 hours over 2 days would have been, but it's fair to say I pretty much shredded my legs.
So. I'm letting myself sleep and eat! Until Tuesday. Then enough's enough.

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