Sunday, March 07, 2010

pics from biking & running

Left, the sunrise on my early-morning bike ride last Fri. I took it on my camera phone so it didn't come out so well but you could see each layer of mountain so clearly. And then I biked up them. And then to work. And had 5 minutes to shower. :I
2nd picture is betel nut trees and the sky at dusk reflected in a recently-planted rice field. Again a poor-quality photo but it's something I've been wanting to capture for a while.
also, random life updates that will only be of interest to people who know me:
~ swimming lessons are going OK. My translator doesn't seem to come anymore but I am still learning. I am swimming almost 20% faster, but still really slowly. But I realized that if I ran or biked 20% faster after a month I'd be jumping for joy.
~ so, it's hot now. Like wear-shorts-and-sweat-hot. Like don't go running in the middle of the day lest you stop sweating and your heartrate drops dramatically and uh-oh, I'd better stop running hot! But it will be rilly cold next week.
~ school is going fine. Students are not driving me so crazy now. We definitely needed a break from each other.

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