Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Liu Qiu, Part 3

The theme of Day 2 on Little Liu Qiu was Hot.
We bought a pass to 3 tourist attractions for NT$100 each. I think we only went to 2.
First up was the Beauty Caves. These were mostly boardwalk footpaths and stairways heading to some small caves:

There were also some nice views of the water.

But we were already wilting a little.
And yes, my outfit is entirely inappropriate. To be fair, those are linen pants. But I was quite unprepared for the heat.

After that it was onto the "Pig Ditch", which sounded unpromising but turned out to be a number of short, interlocking hiking paths up the side of a hill. The map promised walks of 20-50 minutes for each path; each one generally took us a few minutes, even with stopping to comment on how unbearably hot it was.

There were, however, some spots that were difficult for foreigners wtih backpacks.

There was a perfectly-located ice cream stand. I was quite excited. But I couldn't quite eat the whole thing.

Since the ice cream stand doubled as a betel nut stand, I got a close-up of betel nut being processed. They take the actual fruit, put on a glob of lime (the chemical, not the fruit) and roll it in the green leaf. I'm not sure if the leaf comes from the betel nut trees or not.

Then, it was back to the port for our ferry back to the mainland.

Overall, it was a nice place. I liked that it wasn't such a hike to get to, like Kenting seems to be. There was a nicish beach and snorkeling that I didn't take advantage of- oh, well. It also seems to be set up with bike routes on all the major roads. I'm not sure if I'd want to bike there, though- honestly the English maps were all incomprehensible, and Dany and I are pretty good map-readers. I didn't see any Chinese maps that were any better, but they may exist.

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