Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Little Liu Qiu Part 2

danyall's pictures 073The ferry ride over was easy- around 20 minutes and no seasickness. It’s common in touristy areas to have an old woman (“ama”) harrass you into buying/renting/doing something, and as soon as we got off the ferry, ama was there to offer us scooters. I gave Danyall a quick lesson and we were off! She did quite well once she got the hang of it.

The ama took us to see a hotel room which was OK and not too expensive, but she was kinda driving us nuts and I had a few numbers written down from the Little Liu Qiu website (which is the best tourist website I’ve seen in Taiwan, hands down). A few phone calls and a quick scooter trip later, we found a very cute hotel right next to the water (although it was kind of on a cliff) where we each got our own bed! Here’s the view from our patio: christina's of danyall's trip 072

Looking all the way across to mainland Taiwan! Here’s another view, I think maybe from a different point on the island?danyall's pictures 072

We rode our scooters around kind of randomly- the island is small but has a lot of roads that all seem to interconnect, and maps and direction signs proved to be not terribly helpful. But basically we were never more than 15 minutes from our hotel and never had to worry about being lost, even though we never really knew where we were!

The famous “vase rock” and a shot of beautiful waters:christina's of danyall's trip 033

christina's of danyall's trip 052

Me, imitating Dany’s slimming model pose:

christina's of danyall's trip 039

danyall's pictures 080

The model-free view from the pagoda (there are these little pagodas all over that aren’t a temple in that no worship is conducted there, they’re just there for… rest? I don’t know).

christina's of danyall's trip 037

The sun sat on our day…

christina's of danyall's trip 042

christina's of danyall's trip 046

We had planned on having BBQ at our hotel, but when I called to confirm that we would come they were like “It starts in 10 minutes! Get here now” so we settled for a very Taiwanese meal of fried noodles, cabbage, and papaya milk. Dany had been beginning to think I never eat Chinese food!

Then it was back to the hotel. We relaxed a while in the chairs overlooking the ocean, then headed to bed early. The hotel people knocked on our door and told me about some special excursion to the sea that would take place at 11 pm. It was free and we would see something special. OK, I didn’t totally understand everything they said. They were so surprised when we said we were too tired. They also kept bringing us stuff- weird Taiwan soup which I did eat, and fried blood rice, which uh we didn’t.

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