Thursday, January 07, 2010

Runnin' again

I did a slow run on the treadmill today and don't feel any horrible pain. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I'm slowly accepting that I might not be a marathoner. Also, I realize this is insane, but one of the cool things about the marathon I was going to do is that it's called the "Hulutun Caring for Women and Children Marathon," which to me is like the best marathon name ever. One thing that is lessening my sadness about mabye not doing that is that there's a "West Lake Resortopia Triathlon" I could do the following weekend. Which, let's admit, a Resortopia Triathlon? Best triathlon name ever.

In other news this pool near my school is extremely awesome. It has two huge lap pools, plus countless hot tubs and saunas, plus treadmills and weird gym equipment, and if you but a book of tickets it costs like $3 per time, which is less than any other pool I've seen!

Finally, the weather is still cold but I no longer feel so miserable all the time. Part of it is that I've finally caught onto dressing appropriately- basically in 3 layers. Also I bought a pair of semi-footed leggings for under skirts and get this, I bought the large instead of the XL! That is an exciting moment in Taiwan. To even buy something that fits is exciting but to fit into a large... LOL... it's cause for celebration.

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