Saturday, January 02, 2010

Now this is ridiculous

I know I complain at length about the cold... but you know those little chemical heating packets that hunters use back home and maybe you buy to use when it's like 0* Fahrenheit outside? They totally sell them in 7-11 and all my kids use them in class.
And actually I felt a little hot today, even on my scooter! No need for Good King Wencelas song. But it's going to be 16 this week! Do you know what that is in fahrenheit? COLD!

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Richard said...

I wish I could go long sleeve shirt, instead of tee shirt, flannel shirt and wool vest as it was -1 below F a few minutes ago. yuck.... I expect it will be -20F tonight. Here is a site for you;

Take care and stay warm. PS I tried to look at your pictures, but they are 1 x 1 (inch)pictures and don't open bigger.