Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Movies

I've only gone to the movies a handful of times in Taiwan, but I've enjoyed each movie I see. That might be because I get to hear 90 minutes of English spoken by native speakers, and I can bring a beer from 7-11 into the movies with me. But I digress.

It's a little hard to find a movie to go to, as the theaters do play some Chinese language and some Japanese movies, and then a lot of the movies out involve cartoons, imaginary worlds, or fighting, none of which I'll watch. Except Star Trek, I watched that. It just can't be an annoying imaginary world.

It seemed like Sherlock Holmes fit my criteria of a watchable movie, so I told a couple of friends I'd find out what time it was playing. And then I found another obstacle to my watching movies in Taiwan. At the theater in Fong Yuan, I could attend a showing of Avatar at half-hour intervals, or see some scary demon movie at convenient times. If I want to watch Sherlock Holmes, I have to go at 8 or 10. In the morning. Seriously? After noon, it's all Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I think I'll wait for the DVD.


Anonymous said...

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Richard in Delaware said...

Great blog. Love the stories and insights. Curious re: where in Taiwan you would CHOOSE to live if choice was available.

Taiwan-Teacher said...

Honestly Taichung has nice weather and is close to places for hiking and biking. I haven't spent much time in Kaohsiung but it seems really nice. I wouldn't stray too far from the big cities unless your Chinese is great and you really love Taiwan culture. :)

Anonymous said...

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Mimi said...

We love Taichung.
Have you been to the shopping center with the elevator ladie that wear hats and gloves? I don't know the Chinese name, but in English my nieces cal it "The Good life Mall".There's an awesome food court and movie theater on the 12th or 13th floor. My kids and I spend an entire day there ever year when we visit Taiwan.