Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dried pork

I've mentioned this a few times in my blog. I don't really understand it at all, but basically they dry pork so that it becomes very dry and fluffy and expands in your mouth- kind of like cotton candy but not sticky- and use it as garnish on all kinds of things. They put it on congee (as on today's snack, pictured), in sushi rolls, on vegetables, in layered cake.
Sometimes it's called "pork floss" which doesn't sound much better. This is one of those culture gaps- I've never seen a westerner who thinks it's good, and never seen a Chinese person who thinks it's gross, or can even understand how we'd think it's gross. Also they have an innate understanding of what to put it on.


Sandy 何聖欣 said...

I totally agree! This is the one food that I cannot eat here - even in the middle of a tasty danish - ewww. I say it has the consistency of - hair.

tommy525 said...

haha my Taiwanese cat loves that stuff !!