Friday, October 23, 2009

little mes

One thing about being the main native speaker of English in my students' lives is that they tend to pick up on things I say. Not everything, just random things.

My one class can't seem to read together out loud, and a few times I said, "That was very poor." Yes, I'm mean! Now that's their word for everything. "You are so poor." I guess they think it's funny because they think it means not rich?

Today I had them write an essay about why we need to obey rules in the library. One girl wrote, "If the teacher asks you to do something, it's not a debate. Just do it." I could totally hear myself saying that.


Richard said...

My name is Richard and I was telling my students to call me Rich, but a friend said I should say Richard. If I called myself Rich they would think I was bragging. ha ha

Taiwan-Teacher said...