Friday, September 11, 2009

Off to the races

I leave after work to Ilan (at the top of the east coast) to do a triathlon and hopefully have some fun. It's on Saturday, and it starts at 1 which sounds nice because I won't get there until 9:30 so I could sleep in. But actually it's bad, becasue I'll probably wake up at 6:45 like I always do, and you know, it's hot at 1 pm.

I'm excited because my friend Janelle is doing it too. I'm nervous because I think she can beat me! As for me, I know pretty much how long it'll take me to swim 750m, bike 20 k and run 5 k when it's over 90 degrees with a heat index over 100: 20-23minutes for the swim, just under an hour for the bike, and 30-35 minutes for the run. I wish I could have goals like other athletes and not just knowledge of exactly how fast I can go :).

The rest of life is going well enough. Work has been busy and a little stressful but I think it's getting better. We just had Open House and a lot of the parents had complaints- not about me, thank goodness!- but I still had to be prepared to explain what we do during each period of class and how that furthers our educational objectives. It went OK in the end though and boy is it nice to be over!

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