Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dentist, Take 2

deep cavity + novicaine = one happy camper!

I had my dentist appointment today- with a girl who looked younger than me- although I guess people younger than me can have made it through dental school-sigh. She grew up in the US and went to Temple for dental school. Small world.
Anyways she said "Of course I'll give you novicaine!" She said it's not really part of the culture here, and that a lot of Taiwanese poeple are scared of needles. (I can see being scared of needles, but come on, it's a tiny novicaine needle, versus a drill, which is basically a big motorized needle stabbing your exposed nerve.)
I think she thought I was a big wuss because she said, "I'll just give you a moderate amount at first, but if the pain becomes unbearable just put your hand up," and even warned me about the needle going in, but I really didn't feel a thing. So my tooth is filled, pain-free!

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