Monday, June 15, 2009

New Bike Ride

I think one of the best things about Taiwan is the bike rides. Traffic is insane, but people are used to cyclists and don't tailgate them or beep at them or do other crazy things. It's also cool being wedged next to the mountains- since very few people live in the mountains, it doesn't take long to get beyond most civilization.

I have a few key routes but I just found the best one in Fong Yuan- it's up a big hill but at least half of it is a gradual climb that doesn't make you want to die. (Thsoe kind of climbs are hard to find.) And after it does get steep, you're rewarded by this amazing view- on my first trip, camera-less, it was incredibly clear and you could see beyond Taichung, all the way over to the Taiwan Strait, and all the towns to the north. I'll probably never get a day that clear again, though. Tonight when I went it was a little foggy/ smoggy, though not as bad as usual.

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Tom Kuo said...

yeah, you're right. The traffic in Taiwan is insane!!