Wednesday, June 10, 2009

freakin' out

I think I have used that title before.

So, I am scared of birds. Like, I think graphic representations of birds are cool, and I enjoy their songs, even early in the morning, but I don't like to be in close proximity to an uncaged one. I'd kind of forgotten about this but now I do remember a few times back home, coming a little unglued when a bird landed on my side-view mirror and I had the windows down.


this weekend I was at a friend's house and all of a sudden this bird flew right over my head. And I screamed. They put the bird in the cage (it was a pet) and felt so bad about scaring me but I felt like a schmuck.

Then, I was riding my bike and got a li'l bit lost and was on some random road that was flat and straight and this bird kept dive-bombing my head. So I screamed and derided it in English, while some Taiwanes people laughed and derided me in Chinese.

Then, tonight, it was Stinking Cicada Part 2. This time I was on my computer when a cicada came flying into the room! So I screamed and ran away, and got the Raid, but now I don't see it. So I just shut the door to that room and brought my computer out into the living room. So that is more my fear of stuff flying near me. And I hope it's a cicada and not a horrible huge flying cockroach. But I think it's a cicada. Ahhhhh!

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