Saturday, May 16, 2009

Natural Foods

There's a natural food store in Fong Yuan. And you know what they sell, among the whole grains and dried fruit? MSG. In a little bag for like $5. I guess it's so expensive because it's natural? It does say "vegetarian seasoning" on it...

I went to get the fixings for hummus, which I made and it's not bad! They had dried chick peas there and oddly I had a lot of trouble finding lemon juice or lemons to make it from (only limes everywhere), but finally I found a small bottle.

They give you straws everywhere whenever you buy a drink- even a small carton of milk or a bottle of water- and the girl at the register asked the other worker, "Where are the straws?" I said I didn't need one and the other worker started to make fun of her= "Can't you see? It's lemon juice! You think she'll use a straw to drink it?"

Then I came home and there was a father and two sons playing catch where I park my scooter. The one son was just a toddler but the dad was patient with both of them. I thought it was so cute. Then the son threw the ball and it came within an inch of my head. The dad said, "Be careful! Don't hit the foreigner!" thanks, man.

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