Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Intersection Ever

There is an intersection I go through on the way to work that kinda kills my soul- it's a 5-way and I usually get to it 10 seconds into a 90-second light. But I've started to accept that and just view it as a bonus if I get a green light there.

But the last two days, the long light gave me a chance to get out my camera phone. First, there was this:

This guy had painted his dogs with tiger stripes. Then drove them around on his scooter. Usually dogs ride on the flat area in front of the driver but this dog's twin was already there so he had to perch on the back. When the scooter was going he couldn't even lay down- he had to stand up and balance his 4 feet next to each other on that little seat. He was pretty good at it though.

Then, tonight, a post-rainstorm-rainbow:

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