Monday, February 16, 2009


Did I mention there are only 2 other female foreign teachers at work?

So I pretty much scorn anyone who talks any of this men are from mars women are from venus men and women are intrinsically different rubbish, but...

it's pretty funny the conversations you get into when you're only around guys. The conversations are always appropriate for mixed company, but I think last week every conversation, however it started, ended in some story about Asian street gangs in Canada, or street gangs in Taiwan, or the mafia in any number of countries, or what happens when you flip someone off in Taiwan (most fun answer: they pull over and get out of their car, swinging a sawed-off piece of metal pipe).

Today at lunch we talked about some science fiction movie I've never heard of, and then the mind-boggling nature of the universe. So... yeah.

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