Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Reverse Culture Shock

A lot of my friends who live in Taiwan but have gone home for a visit talk about reverse culture shock- when you get so used to a foreign country that home seems weird. I was worried about it, too, but both times I've come back to the US it seems like I watched a movie about Taiwan and I just pick up where I left off. Driving, TV, stores- they all seem so normal and not at all exciting. My mom's like, "Isn't it great to go into a store and see your size?" I'm like, I guess.

The couple of things that get me: having the light switch actually in the room the light is in (in Taiwan they're often just outside, for some reason), and putting toilet paper in the toilet instead of in the garbage can next to your toilet. I have to consciously think to do it and I still forget sometimes. If I come to your house, I apologize in advance.

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