Friday, November 28, 2008


I saw packets of Quaker instant oatmeal for the first time in Taiwan. They had Maple Brown Sugar, and also Ham & Cheese and Fresh Fish. I think I'll stick to my canister of plain.

Got my health check-up today. Fun facts: My pulse and my weight in kg are the same, my blood pressure is low, and when I came to Taiwan I was 172 cm, now I'm 174! Let's just hope the TB and syphilis tests come back OK, and I'm good to go.

We have lows in the 50s here now. Everyone is wearing winter coats and gloves. Even me, when I'm on the scooter. I wear ridiculous layers every day: t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, cardigan, scarf, and occasionally a puffer vest too. And I need all of them- sometimes I'm in a building where I'm sweating through the t-shirt, other times in a room where I'm shivering in the cardigan.

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Maggie said...

You're kidding, right? That is so gross!