Friday, October 17, 2008

That's just Carrefour....

So, I can only go to Carrefour in the morning because other times there are too many people and it drives me too crazy.

They play this song- it's pretty long- that sings in Chinese about how great Carrefour (jia-la-fu in Chinese) is. It's kind of a pop rock tune that builds in intensity. The only part I can understand is "jiu shi jialafu"- that's just Carrefour.

Being me, I make up words. At one point they sing, in English, "Thank god there's jialafu". At another they sing "xie xie nide naixin"- thanks for your patience.

Also I didn't share my embarassing experience on my first trip to the new Carrefour, before I knew they sold salt & vinegar chips. So the store is on the 2nd and 3rd floor and you go up this escalator ramp to go up and down. It's magnetized so you can put a shopping cart on it and it goes up too. So between the up and down ramp there was a display of thousands of bags of chips, and I was scanning intently for salt and vinegar, and my eyes played that trick where it looks like I'm not moving, I'm just watching a conveyor belt of chips go by. So when the escalator ended I stumbled and let out this big yelp of surprise. Oops.

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