Saturday, October 04, 2008

Getting Fast?

One week to go until my 10K.  This is the first race I've ever run that I'm actually going to try to race.  Training has gone pretty well.  I followed this plan (they have a bunch, depending on your goal- ie, want to finish, want to not be last, want to hit x time) and I recommend them- lots of running plans include a lot of jargon but this one doesn't.

I've followed it pretty well, although I sometimes couldn't go as fast on fast days because I've been getting shin splits, and I think I went too slow on the really long runs- but I had to switch it around a little because of typhoons and stuff, I did my last big and fast run today- 60 minutes with 40 minutes at race tempo in the middle.  It might not be good to do that so close to race day but I learned a lot from it.

One thing I've learned from trying to go fast (for me) is that it hurts.  And I can run fast enough that it's not fun and keep going for a while.  And when I think about it, people who win races don't look happy and refreshed when they win.  They go throw up or something.

Tonight was kind of fun in that a couple of men who were going pretty fast stayed behind me for a long time at the track.  We were the only runners there and I thought that was pretty cool of them- I think in the US a man couldn't handle that.  Maybe the fact that I'm a foreigner made it easier to swallow?  At one point the one passed me and said, "You're going slower!"  I was like, thanks, dude.  I don't have a girl to pace off of.

So I think as long as my shins don't kill me and it's not too humid I'll be in good shape.  I would never expect to get anywhere near the podium in a real race but I figure: a, this is Taiwan; b, it's in Fong Yuan and there's another 10K in Taichung the same weekend; c, it's a holiday weekend.

I've also tried visualization.  I read that you need to make a simple sentence in the present tense.  So here are my sentences (it's not like I'm chanting this all the time, mainly in elevators):  I come in 2nd, 5 minutes behind the leader and a minute in front of 3rd place.  And, I run it in 54 minutes (even though I've been training for 50-52).  I know that one of the things that holds me back in life is an overly-pessimistic view of my abilities (actually it's probably realistic but successful people shoot for a little more than they're capable of), and it's so weird that even in my own fantasies, I don't picture myself in 1st, or being able to hit the time that I've trained for.

So... it's a week of easy or short runs and then we'll see if I can do it!  And win money and glory!

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