Thursday, October 02, 2008

Communication gap

My building has a security guard. He's a little hard to understand- okay, there are a bunch of them who rotate shifts, Once I told one of them, "I'm sorry, I can't speak Taiwanese" and he was like "I'm speaking Mandarin!" oops. But they all know the foreigner because, you know, I'm the only foreigner who's like ever lived here.

The thing is, when someone comes to visit me (not often) he's like, "You're going to visit the foreigner? Let me buzz you in!" There's an intercom system but no need for me to use that!

I told him (poliltely), thanks for making it so convenient, but you can just let them call me. No, so inconvenient! he said. But, I said, maybe a bad person comes and asks for me?

I won't let the bad person in! he replied.

Uh, okay.

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