Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too Stinky

So my TreeHouse kids- they are the ones I teach 3x a week, so I am closer to them. They are in 2nd grade now and very cute.

This unit we learned the word "stinky" as in "stinky tofu," the national dish of Taiwan.

Then in class yesterday one of the boys, Jason, let rip some extremely foul gas. The kids were like, "So stinky!" Later on he let one rip again and even I had to breathe through my mouth for a while. I didn't want to embarass him more than necessary so I took him to the classroom and asked him, in Chinese, if he was sick or had to go to the bathroom. No, he said. OK, I said, then you can't do that anymore, or I will have to write a note to your mom and maybe you will have to take some medicine.

So much for saving him embarassment. When he went back to his seat all the other kids were like, "What did she say?"

Jason: "Ta shuo, 'Nide fangpi tai chou!" which translates as "she said, 'Your fart is too stinky!'"

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MKL said...

So what happened after that? Did the kid solve his gas problem? :P