Sunday, September 14, 2008

more typhoon

Yeah, it's still here. It's extremely slow0moving so it will be here (but less intense) until Tuesday. I actually exercised inside yesterday- walked up & down the stairs and did laps around the parking garage.

Today when I woke up it wasn't as bad, more a few minutes of drizzle followed by a few minutes of downpour and strong wind. The rain isn't so bad to drive in but the wind is- it's just really hard to keep your scooter going straight because it's so gusty.

I decided to just go to Fong Yuan's meeting (closer than the one I usual go to) so I wouldn't have to drive as much. Then I got invited to eat Thai food! It was so good. Everyone was warning me that it would be sour (suan suande), but I think they think that because Taiwan food is so sweet. Anyways, it was delicious, just like real Thai food. Actually a few of the people who worked there are from Burma near the border with Thailand.

I hit the grocery store and now it's guilt-free nap-time! About half an hour after I got home is really started raining hard and it's really windy again so I'm glad I'm inside again.

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