Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I *heart* biking

Seriously. It's so fun.

Today I left my apartment in my biking clothes and sure enough Miss Crazy-Pants was there, walking her laps. "Going swimming?" she asked. "Uh, biking," I answered. Oh, Miss Crazy-Pants. You never cease to drive me crazy.

Anyhoo, I always ride my bike to book study on Tuesday- 35 min scooter ride, or about an hour bike there and about 40-45 min home, although I often take a hilly ride throught the mountains to get there that adds on some time. Today was the same.

But on my way home, it started to rain as soon as I started out. It was funny that I just posted those vacation pictures because I was like, you can do this! Of course I realized the faster I went the faster I'd be home so I really hunkered down.

Then I got on the bike path and realized, I love rain! Because all the slow-pokes aren't on the bike path and I can go as fast as I want. So fun!!!! That is really the first time that I've been able to just go as fast as I want, ever, on a bike. It's kind of a false flat (looks flat but obviously it takes me 2/3 as long going home as it does going there so there's a little slope) and I averaged like 40 kph and kept it over 50 for extended periods. I was so ready for a nap after book study but that was such an adrenaline rush. Woo-hoo!

I came home, pretty soaked. Miss Crazy-Pants was sitting on a chair outside of her apartment, fanning herself, another favorite past-time. "You went biking?" she said. "It's raining, you know."

Yes, Miss Crazy-Pants, I know.

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