Monday, September 08, 2008

Crrrazy t-shirts

Usually English t-shirts here are just some random rubbish- either the kind of stuff with words about "Baseball League 1997" like you'd see at Old Navy, or just an assortment of words put together by someone who clearly doesn't understand English.  (Oddly, t-shirts with Chinese characters are really rare.)

But lately I've seen a few that, while grammatically correct, are really weird:

One with the Discover Channel logo, but it says "Destruction Channel."  Yeah.

One that said "Jews should be experimented on."  It also included phrases in another language with our alphabet, and a few in those squiggly languages (Arabic?  Thai? etc?)  No Chinese though.

And, "Stop clubbing baby seals."  With pictures of baby seals.  But no clubs.

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