Friday, September 12, 2008

Another day, another Typhoon holiday

Today (Friday) was one of those days. The weather was OK in the morning and I tried to go running but my legs were on strike. Then it got drizzly and rainy- always rainy when I had to drive somewhere.

But, on my way to teach, I saw a MosBurger (my favorite hamburger chain) all of a sudden existing across the street from Hess, with 6-foot-tall Open signs. I'm fighting a cold and just very achy and tired but all through my class I fantasized about eating a hamburger.

Of course it rained as I crossed the street after my class, and there were all these workers inside but it wasn't open! I tried to read the sign in Chinese and it looked like it would be open for a few hours on Saturday. Finally a worker came over and said they weren't open yet. I was so mad. I told him in Chinese, "If you're not open yet, you can't have huge "open" signs outside. You have to put them inside!" He said sorry and went back inside. Another worker came out to explain things to me. I told him the same thing, even translating the English word "Open", and offered to help him put the signs inside but he wasn't having it. Finally I decided not to act like a psycopath and just leave. I kind of want to boycott them for being idiots but, you know, it's MosBurger. I have to eat there.

So I took a nap and ate some stuff at home but only American-style meat would satisfy the craving that I had only because of the huge "Open" signs outside MosBurger. So I decided I could go to this Italian place called Ooddles of Nooddles on my way to meeting. If it were in America I'd never eat there but it is American-style Italian food, made by Chinese people who lived in America for a long time. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and after 5 minutes the lady tells me, no meatballs! Gah! Finally I got meat lasagna.

I fought the wind on the way to meeting and of course was glad I went. I still felt crummy. Then when I turned my phone back on there was a message that there's a typhoon holiday for tomorrow so I will be able to sleep and stuff. So I'm happy for that.

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