Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Searching for me

Among the cool features blogger offers is the ability to see how people find my blog- mostly it just says the name of the town whoever visited my blog is in. That's if you visit its address directly.

But sometimes people search for something and find my blog, and it tells you what they've searched for.

Among the searches that have hit my blog:

"two-person bicycle" + "DIY"

"ugly bedding" + "roommate"

Sorry, I can't give you much information on those. Although apparently I've written on ugly bedding and rommates separately?

But the following two found that there's an answer for everything on the internet:

"Taiphoon" (aw, yeah...)

and, the best... "Can teachers hit kids in Taiwan?"

oh, heck yes. Email me and I'll tell you the best way to whap 'em!

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